modern kitchens

our one kind exclusive modern and classic collection is equipped with cutting edge technology for making your every day life easier at is challenging ,we try to make it easier so sit back and enjoy the ride...

Bath collection

we spend a lot of our time shaving, showering brushing ... in the bath room ,so you need a bath that is practical and relaxing . try our unique classic or modern bath cabinets and see how life can be easier in the bathroom area...

commercial projects

We also work on commercial projects such as office furniture and embassy equipment . we have a wide range of office furniture to fit any kind of office, embassy and we ship them world wide. we have had the privilege to work with many embassy's around the mid east.

measuring systems

we use top of the line measuring systems for 3D and 2D accurate planing. we also offer high tech measuring systems for our fellow colleagues...

Having the right tools

using the right tools will make your project bullet proof. we have been equipped with top of the line heavy duty German machinery .

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Shipping and handling

we offer an international service for shipping and handling our products to are clients world wide.

Case clamping

This versatile and torsion-free carcass clamp was particularly developed for the efficient and flexible utilization in the field of craftsmen, in the interior finishing work as well as for the industrial special-purpose production.

Supper cutting systems

The proven base model of the 3 series offers high performance in a compact design. The ideal solution to meet rising requirements.

Weeke BHX055

Our CNC processing centers offer the technology of the future today. And with good reason: Tradition. For us, the “made in Germany” promise is both a motivation and a commitment. Customers the world over associate this quality seal with the very highest standards. And we meet those expectations.

PVC & ABS Edgebands

We use top grade Edgebands with state of the art Edgebanding  homag machinery .

MDF panels

we use a wide range of MDF panels on all our projects .

we use high quality, top of the line, Italian, Austrian and  Turkish MDF panels that have a high verity of colors and 3d panels.

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dont have much time … no problem!

we are always ready to help our clients even when they don't have a lot of time .our unique assembly system saves us a lot of nerves and time, so we can help our clients buy back some time and relax ,don't worry about the deadlines.    

Some Words People Said…


“high voulme projects , no problem call these guys .they  know what they are doing when it comes to big projects .my company has been working with them for over 15 years.”


GM hospital Eq101

KAVEH“its very difficult to find a team that will  focus and manage high volume projects but rozzan interior design has proved me wrong and frankly im impressed   .”


GM of Hashtroodi Projects

ali“hi everyone we  have worked with rozzan interior design for about 12 years ,and happy to say that they have provided all our requirements and they use the best measuring system in the market ….im extremely happy with the job -well done .”

Ali Mavaddat

residential and commercial designer

Best Clients

need a quotation ?

if you need a fast quotation we are here to help you .its simple just drop us a line or call us and we will provide professional 3d designed plans , high variety of material,applications ,and last but not least a the right price for your project.